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Obituary Pictures
Thomas Murray Family
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Buildings in New Carlisle
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4 Generations of Botkins
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Obituary Pictures
Adam and Maria Alt
1939 S.H.S. pt. 1
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Abattoir Co.
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Pitchin HS 1938
Central HS 1927
Wedding Anniversary
Clark Co, Ohio GenWeb Photo Album

These pictures are from the Springfield newspapers, obituary section. To read the obituary, please visit the Clark County Obituary index.

Dr. Charles Foley

Dr. Charles W. Foley died November 7, 1937

peter manos

Peter Manos died on Tuesday, May 29, 1973


Luella S. EUTSLER, died August 24, 1993

W. Burnett

W. R. "Bill" Burnett died November 2, 1928

Homer Evans

Homer "Mike" Evans died April 6, 1960

Rosetta Holloway

Rosetta Holloway died August 14, 1953